European Management, Engineering & Consulting – Emercon Limited is a new company established in Ireland, by a team of senior engineers with long-standing global professional experience. We joined forces and combined our skills and pioneering expertise in Consulting, Project Management and R&D, in order to provide a wide spectrum of high-quality services.

What makes us unique is:

  • Natural leadership. We provide a high performance team and the strategies, oversight and innovative solutions necessary to meet challenging project objectives and deliver complex projects on time and on budget
  • Relationship builders. We cultivate partnerships to win competitive projects, reduce roadblocks and meet objectives. We increase our collaborators’ ability to land high competitive and lucrative projects by sourcing partnership opportunities
  • Solutions focused. We view challenges and shifting requirements as opportunities to grow and exceed expectations. We believe in results and we are ready to quickly build proficiencies even in unfamiliar sectors, in order to drive project success and evolve.



Our people have many years of professional experience, encompassing a wide range of sectors and geographical areas, while they have held high-level positions in various companies and organizations across Europe.

Through these activities, we have built a powerful, global professional network, including personal relationships with leading companies, institutions, decision makers, high-level officials and experts in numerous sectors.



Our values

Knowledge, skills and technical capacity will guide you to the top, but professionalism, ethos and integrity will keep you there.





Project Management and Consulting

We have long standing experience in the management, implementation and provision of consulting services in large, complex and multidisciplinary projects covering a wide range of sectors, geographic areas and clients.

  • Technical and financial management of projects, Framework Contracts (FwCs) and grants
  • Application of advanced methodologies, processes and tools for project management
  • Definition and analysis of project requirements, allocation of resources
  • Deployment, supervision and backstopping of international and local experts
  • Relationship management with project partners
  • Monitoring project implementation.
  • Managing and executing budget.
  • Managing unexpected difficulties, risk management
  • Contractual arrangements and communications with the contracting authorities and clients
Business Development

We offer integrated business development services ranging from the identification of relevant opportunities to the successful awarding of contracts. Our team has an impressive track-record in identifying and securing tenders of multi-million euros.

  • Identification of suitable project opportunities
  • Assembling winning consortia
  • Writing of technical proposals and methodologies
  • Identification, selection and negotiations with experts
  • Budgeting and preparation of financial proposals
  • Coordination, management and submission of tenders



Research and Development

Our experts and collaborators have very strong academic background, international exposure and scientific recognition in a range of sectors. Having participated in numerous R&D projects, we have built a very wide network with globally recognized universities, research institutes, foundations and R&D departments of major enterprises.

  • Maturing R&D ideas and evolving them to innovative projects
  • Securing funds for R&D Projects from major EU programs such as Horizon 2020.
  • Requirements gathering and analysis for R&D Projects
  • R&D product architecture and development management


Renewables; Energy Efficiency;  Energy Policy; Smart Energy & Metering Systems; Decision Support Systems
  • Environment
    Climate Change;  Environmental & Climate Policies
    Monitoring & Evaluation
    Methodologies for Monitoring & Evaluation of Projects & Programmes; Project Cycle Management; Logical Framework Analysis; Quality Control
    Smart Cities
    Methodologies for the Assessment of Smart Cities; Knowledge-Based Development; Decision Support Systems for the Formulation of Strategies for Cities and Regions; Business Models


Emercon offers its services to both public and private sector companies and organizations worldwide. Indicative clients are:

  • EC Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO – EuropeAid)
  • EC Directorate-General European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR)
  • EC Directorate-General Energy (DG Energy)
  • EC Directorate-General Enviroment (DG Enviroment)
  • EC Directorate-General Research and Innovation (RTD) – Horizon 2020
  • National government institutions
  • Regional and local governments and authorities
  • Other International financing organisations (World Bank, EBRD, EIB, etc.)
  • Enterprises and other private clients



We are always looking for experts with strong record and skills in international cooperation and development in any of our sectors of interest. In this section you can find open vacancies for Long Term or Short Terms positions in our projects. You can also contact us directly through the contact section. Finally you can check our twitter account for alerts and new available positions.

No vacancies at the moment.
No vacancies at the moment.


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    3 May 2016

    EMERCON’s website is live at www.emercon.ie and www.emercon.eu

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    25 April 2016

    Follow us on our new Twitter Account @Emercon_Ltd.

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    15 March 2016

    European Management, Engineering & Consulting – Emercon Ltd. is founded!


Our Headquarters are based in Cork, Ireland. Emercon also has a regional office in Athens, Greece. 

Please contact us at our addresses, numbers and e-mails or using directly the form below.

EMERCON Headquarters
Cork, Ireland

Unit 3D, North Point House -Business Park, Old Mallow Road, T23 AT2P



EMERCON Regional Office
Athens, Greece

Marinou Antipa 13, Neo Iraklio, Attica, 14121



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